Mission Statement

The mission of the Educational Policy Institute of California (EPIC) is to inform and improve policy decisions of California K-12 educational policy makers. Our educational system acts as a foundation of our democracy and our economy and therefore must make wise and considered policy decisions if both are to prosper. In that light, EPIC seeks to aid policy makers to reach essential judgments. Through the work of the Institute, University of La Verne intends to elevate the discourse about educational policy.


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The purpose of the Educational Policy Institute of California at the University of La Verne (EPIC) is to identify, study and report on issues of import to California K-12 agencies; to interpret state laws/policies; and to suggest best practices. The following activities and products of the Institute will inform policy makers:

  1. Annual survey of K-12 leaders to identify policy issues of concern.
  2. Annual conference presenting current research on the identified policy issues.
  3. Website for reports and discussion of findings.
  4. Research papers reporting on identified issues.
  5. A resource list of suggested reports and readings.
  6. As appropriate, advocacy statements on behalf of local school districts to state department of education.